Pro Tools Worth Every Dollar

The block plane is small and convenient. Here's how to buy one, the best uses for it, and how to keep it sharp What is the lightest cordless drill/driver? What is the toughest? What is the toughest drill/drive bit set? There are SIX uses for these 3 types of squares. Do you know all of them? Your perfect guide to choose your first chisel set, how to use them safely, and how to keep them sharp.


Good Enough Consumer Tools

Easier than dowelling, quicker than dadoing, stronger than nailing: all the joinery from this project uses only biscuits! Compare all cordless circular saws on the market today and find out the which one's the best! Sharpen, sand, engrave, grind, cut, drill, clean, polish, and much more - all with ONE cordless tool! Learn how to cut plywood with a jigsaw and much more! Beginner tips for making the best out of your jigsaw Here's why you should own a miter saw, and how to make better use of your 1st one! Do you know these 10 tips that help you make better use of this excellent tool? For maximum maneuverability and speed during your cuts, get yourself this cordless reciprocating saw and follow my 10 tips to get the best from it Paper, plastic, screen, fabric - fasten 'em all with ONE tool!


Tools Worth Investing For A Serious Hobby

Tired of taking out twists from boards and having projects go out of square? Read my tool guide and get the best bang for your buck today! If you have a limited budget, read my tool guide to find out the cheapest models and how to take advantage of them with two jigs Are you looking for precision and mobility for your jobsite, or small size for your garage workshop? Read my guide to find out the best compact table saw. Read my hybrid saw reviews & tips. These are the best choices considering precision, quality & price. Also learn how to make jigs! As fast as belt sanders; as accurate as hand sanding. Find out about the best random orbit sander on the market today & how to get the best of it!


Safety And Personal Protection Equipment

Every form of eye protection for a DIYer at home. Avoid hearing problems by using proper PPE during your DIY activities in your garage. Read all about which hearing protection is the best for you. Protect your lungs and avoid allergies by choosing the best form of protdction for you. Protect your lungs and your wallet! Here's all you need to know about a dust-free woodshop


Gardening Tools

Techniques and personal protection equipment for safely using a chainsaw to saw firewood by yourself Reduce your garden waste by turning it into mulch and compost. Follow these steps and you will safely DIY everything at home!